Why is Justin Fields not starting?

All I see right now is every single social media account affiliated to the NFL, the Bears, or just causal viewers overreacting to SNF and all asking one thing: “Why is Justin Fields not starting for the Bears yet? First of all, we had no shot against the Rams. We knew this. But, as for the pressing question, it is one that has had me thinking for weeks now, ever since Fields debuted in week one of the preseason. If you ask Bears fans, or even just search on Twitter, all you’ll hear/see is how “delusional” Nagy is, how his pride is too great to admit he was wrong giving Dalton the job, or the ones who say “we’ll suck anyway”. Don’t get me wrong, I have had a gripe with Nagy for years now, especially as a Trubisky guy, and OF COURSE I would love to see a QB with the talent of Fields on the field right now over the 'Red Rocket', but it just isn't going to happen... yet. With that being said, and although I think Nagy is an airhead, I kind of agree with him on this Justin Fields situation.

Though I don’t actually think Nagy is smart enough to consciously do this, I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt for my argument. Nagy (I at least think) has been easing Fields into this game in specific positions where he can gain confidence and get his mind right before eventually taking over. I am a big fan of this logic. It has worked countless times, and most of the all-time greats have not started the first game in the first year of their career (see Favre, Brady, A Rodgers, etc.). I’m not immediately saying Fields is on par with these legends, but he is an individual with all the talent in the world, so mentally preparing/learning the game behind a veteran will serve him well in the long-run. He has always been very cool, calm, and poised, but the NFL can be a different animal with these young Quarterbacks. I see no point in throwing him in yet, especially against a top five team with an elite defense, not to mention it being his first game. Fields could easily have started and balled, but he also could’ve struggled, which would have diminished not only his confidence, but the team’s. I mean hell, Trevor Lawrence struggled against the damn Texans today. The Texans! Allow Fields to gain confidence, and then in a game where the offense is stalled (prediction for this is halftime of Game 6 against the Packers), and then let Fields come in and (try to) save the day.

Let me reiterate, I am by no means a Nagy fan, but I think that this move makes sense. The kid is going to be bringing a Super Bowl ring back to Chicago in due time, but for now let him learn a little bit before being thrown into the fire.

0-1 to start the year but fuck it, we'll bounce back. Bear down baby.

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