What To Do With No Sports

I’m not sure we, as a society, have ever experienced a weekend quite like we have coming up. It is the middle of March, the weather is starting to get really nice in many parts of the country, and a vast majority of us will be confined to our living rooms in an effort to stay healthy and avoid COVID-19 as it spreads faster than we all hoped. I won’t get into the fact that nearly all sports are suspended for the near future because 1.) we all already know that and 2.) that wound is still fresh. So, as we park ourselves on couches and try to remember if we have any frozen pizzas left to throw in the oven, we’re going to need things to do so we don’t all go stir crazy day one. Here are just a few of my recommendations of things that can be started/accomplished in the next couple days that (mostly) do not require leaving the house, and one of each from my lovely girlfriend, Laynie:

TV to Watch:

Atlanta: Donald Glover’s surreal and genre-blending masterpiece of television is reportedly coming back with a new season in 2021, so there is no better time than right now to catch-up on one of the best shows on FX and Hulu. Glover, Brian Tyree Henry, and Lakeith Stanfield are the best trio on the small screen, and every episode is a hit.

Season One of True Detective: As Jack wrote in his Top Shows of the 2010s article, the first season of Nic Pizzolato’s True Detective is about as close to a perfect season of television we have ever seen, and it’s best binged. The HBO free month trial is worth it for this alone.

Bojack Horseman: Your television elitist friend has probably been telling you to watch it for the past 3 years, and I know that because I am that elitist. It has a slow start, but stick with it and get ready to laugh and hurt more than you have watching any other show in a long time. This is probably a two-weekend endeavor so look out for this one to be on the list next Friday too.

Laynie’s Choice → The Good Place: Michael Schur’s masterfully written four-season series is a version of the afterlife that includes questions about the ethical and moral decisions that humans make on a daily basis AND Kristen Bell and Ted Danson eating frozen yogurt. You might not make it through the whole series in a weekend, but once you start, you’ll be hooked.

Movies to Watch:

Knives Out: Rian Johnson’s whodunnit is incredibly entertaining, beautifully shot, and is the perfect film to occupy your mind for the weekend. If you’re watching this with a partner, every thirty or so minutes pause it and try to collaborate and figure out what’s going on, it makes it so much better.

Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse: If you haven’t seen it yet, this is recommendation number one. If you have seen it, watch it again. Into the Spiderverse is just one of those movies where you feel better afterwards and it’s fun for the whole family. Amazing animation and a solid soundtrack along with one of the coolest Spider-Man personalities ever, it’ll bring the spirits up for sure.

Any 30 For 30: It might be the closest we get for a while, might as well watch some of the best sports documentaries ever made.

Laynie’s Choice → The Hangover: A comedy classic, it’ll bring a lot of laughter to a sad weekend. It will make us all wish we were partying in Las Vegas instead of quarantined, but we can always watch it and say “At least we’re not dealing with that.” Plus, it’s never a bad time to watch Mike Tyson punch Zach Galifianakis in the face.

Things to Do:

Play some cards: Gather the isolated and healthy group, pick your favorite game, and throw $10 on it. I guarantee it’ll be some of the most fun you’ll have all weekend and will bring out the best and worst of your friends and family. Just wash your hands afterwards.

Call your friends: If you’re truly isolated, that means someone else is as well, and they would love a call. A 30 minute FaceTime or a 5 minute chat, it can bring up the energy and the person you called will feel special for the rest of the weekend. Win-win scenario and you’re still socially distancing.

Clean: Not only is it the healthy thing to do, sitting in a clean room after working hard on it is a top five feeling. If you’re willing to get even crazier, move some furniture around and who am I kidding we all just want March Madness COVID-19 sucks.

Laynie’s Choice → Escape Room: The only thing on this list that actually requires leaving the house, escape rooms are an absolute blast. I know going and being trapped in a room with stuff that hundreds of other people have touched sounds less than appealing right now, but rooms will be their absolute cleanest currently and getting a room to yourself shouldn’t be a problem.

Stay safe out there folks. If you need any more recommendations or want to talk about how this was the year you were going to win your bracket pool, hit me up on Twitter @airterrell12 or email me

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