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Welcome to On the Block!

Welcome to On The Block! However you got here, we’re happy to have you. We are three college guys who enjoy life and want to write about the things that we are passionate about. What you’ll find on this site is posts about anything and everything from sports to music to movies to food, really whatever one of us wants to write about on a particular day. We’re totally independent and all of our opinions are our own, and we love to have heated discussions. The goal is to have new content on the site every day for you to enjoy, share, and argue about with us. You can expect to see detailed predictions about the upcoming college football season on one page, and an analysis about which Kanye West album is the best on the next.

While we hope you enjoy every article that is posted and agree with every one of our hot takes, we want to hear your opinions too. Interaction with our readers is going to be a major piece of On The Block with planned mailbags and Q&As as just a couple of the ways we want to be connected with every visitor to the site. So, if you have something to say please email us, hit us up on Twitter, or leave a comment on our articles speaking your truth.

All that said, enjoy! If you like what you see, please share our articles in whatever way you prefer, it is the best way for us to grow and be able to write more often.

The On The Block Team (Jack, Ryan, and JP)

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