Week 3 Locksmith vs Kap

Week 2 Results

Kap: 11-4

Locksmith: 6-9

All Season Results

Kap: 20-10

Locksmith: 11-19

This is getting ugly. An absolute smackdown. It’s been hard to get out of the bed and show my face around town with the record haunting me. But my therapist told me I can't be ashamed of this record, and to embrace it. SO that’s what I will do. I am down and proud. I know the sun shines brightest after the rain. And there's no way Kap can keep this insane run going (right?). This week I'm going back to the basics. No stats, no research just straight up gut feeling picks because that is betting at its purest form. I forgot my roots. What got me started in this career. The real reason why I have paid for my bookie’s trips to Costa Rica. And that is just sticking to my gut feeling because deep down I know there is a football guru inside me no matter how poorly I have treated him with my consistent losses, but today is the start of a new era. So as I am typing this from the bench of my club soccer game, I hope to inspire you to do the same with your gambling endeavors.

Week 3

Chargers @ Chiefs (KC -6.5)

Kap: Chargers +6.5

Locksmith: Chiefs -6.5

Cardinals @ Jaguars (AZ -7.5)

Kap: Cards -7.5

Locksmith: Jags +7.5

Bears @ Browns (CLE -7)

Kap: Browns -7

Locksmith: Browns -7

WFT @ Bills (BUF -9)

Kap: WFT +9

Locksmith: Bills -9

Colts @ Titans (TEN -5.5)

Kap: Colts +5.5

Locksmith: Titans -5.5

Saints @ Patriots ( PATS -3)

Kap: Pats -3

Locksmith: Pats -3

Falcons @ Giants (NYG -3)

Kap: Falcons +3

Locksmith: Giants -3

Bengals @ Steelers (PIT -3.5)

Kap: Bengals +3.5

Locksmith: Bengals +3.5

Ravens @ Lions ( BAL -7.5)

Kap: Ravens -7.5

Locksmith: Lions +7.5

Jets @ Broncos (DEN -10.5)

Kap: Broncos - 10.5

Locksmith: Broncos -10.5

Dolphins @ Raiders (LAV -4)

Kap: Raiders -4

Locksmith: Raider -4

Bucs @ Rams ( Bucs-1)

Kap: Bucs -1

Locksmith: Rams +1

Seahawks @ Vikings (Sea -2)

Kap: Seahawks -2

Locksmith: Seahawks -2

Packers @ 49ers ( SF -3.5)

Kap: Packers +3.5

Locksmith: Packers +3.5

Eagles @ Cowboys (DAL -4)

Kap: Eagles +4

Locksmith: Eagles +4

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