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The On The Block Movie Club

Hello all. If you are reading this, welcome! You are now an established and esteemed member of the On The Block Movie Club, from here out referenced as the OTBMC. As founder of the club, I am very happy to have you on board. Now, I’m sure you have many questions about what it means to be a part of the club, what we will be doing as a club, and what are the next steps to be a valuable member of the club, and I have those answers for you now.

What is the OTBMC?

We are a group of people that will watch one movie a week for the foreseeable future in an effort to expand our cinematic knowledge and watch some great films.

How did I join?

You clicked on this link and read the first sentence. My legal team says this is enough for a binding agreement.

What movies will we watch?

Pretty much anything. From classics all the way to brand new releases, we’ll pick one film from any genre and watch it. For the first week at least I will select the movie, but for all weeks following there will be a vote via social media to determine the next week’s movie.

How should we watch the movies?

That is entirely up to you. Whatever is your desired method of watching films will work perfectly, and I will try to choose movies that are easily accessible online and/or on streaming sites for watch or rent.

Besides movie selection, what do you do?

That is a great question, my cherished member. I will be posting reviews of all films we watched with my opinions on the movie and any feedback from members just like you! Which leads me to my next point…

What should I do as a member?

The only responsibility you have as a member is to watch the Movie of the Week within the week from when it is posted. If you have opinions about what we watched and want them heard, please send them through your preferred way of reaching out to me. I will 100% put them in the review and credit them to you. Beyond that, if you have movie suggestions, want to help out, or really anything else, I am all ears.

What if I’ve already seen the Movie of the Week?

This will absolutely happen at some point, but hopefully we’re choosing movies that are quality and you would not be opposed to watching again. Either way if you have opinions you can definitely still send them in.

What’s the schedule for watching?

Starting today, every Monday there will be a review of last week’s movie and the reveal for the next week. Once we get in the swing of things, I expect votes to be going up on social media on the Saturday before and staying up until Sunday.

Is there a cost?

Nope! The only costs would be if you choose to rent or buy the movies we watch, but for the OTBMC there are no club dues.

I’m in. What’s the first movie we’re going to watch?

This week’s movie is Edgar Wright’s 2010 Scott Pilgrim vs. The World which can be found on Netflix. I’ll be watching and I hope you will too!

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