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The Braves Just Got Better

After Nick Markakis opted out for this shortened, COVID riddled season, the Braves outfield became a little less reassuring, questions were starting to be asked of who we could get to play right. Were the Braves going to utilize one of our next potential big stars in Cristian Pache, or maybe bring old Charlie Culbertson and his once fractured face to bring some magic back to the lineup. The answer has become none of the above, the Braves actually decided to go out and buy something they needed, and what might you ask did they find while strolling down the aisle, just one Yasiel Puig, one of the most electrifying players in the game today. The man that will fight for your team, even when he just got traded to another. Puig will be a decently sized boost to a Braves lineup and add another polarizing figure in an outfield already manned by Acuna Jr and Ozuna. The power aspect of Puig is what I believe really makes this a great move for the Braves, while Puig doesn’t have the experience or consistency of Nick Markakis he did hit 24 home runs last year compared to Markakis’ 9, and with their averages only being 20 points apart, it makes me start to wonder, what took the Braves so long to go get him? Sure the WAR shows that Puig is only worth 0.3 more wins than Markakis, there is a lot to be said about the threat of the longball coming off Puig’s bat that Markakis never had with the Braves. All in all, this is a great, easy one year move for the Braves to make right before the start of an unprecedented 60 game sprint into the playoffs.

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