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The Braves are Done

It has officially almost been 24 hours since the Braves best season in my lifetime ended, I am still salty. This was the Braves team that was promised, started the year with a rotation of 2-3 former and present Cy Young candidates including Mike Soroka and Max Fried, a powerful lineup consisting of the new hire Marcell Ozuna coupled with the electricity of Acuna Jr, Ozzie Albies, and the ol’ faithful Freddie Freeman. Even after crippling injuries in the rotation to Soroka and Cole Hamels, the Braves offense and deep bullpen propelled them into first place with no problem. The Braves came into the postseason with the highest team OPS in the big leagues and in second or first in all offensive categories almost. They took down this year's Cy Young in Trevor Bauer. Max Fried and Ian Anderson absolutely dominated lineups, and the offense was moving through two playoff series wins. (Which by the way are the only two damn playoff series wins in my lifetime, an absolute crazy stat considering how many fucking times they’ve been in the playoffs in my life). The Braves were looking electric going into the NLCS against a Dodgers team that hadn’t hit their stride offensively in the postseason. I was so hopeful I flew my ass to damn Texas to watch game 1 of the series that was destined to take us to the World Series. Many other Braves fans like me were certain if we could take down the mighty Dodgers, there was no one we couldn’t beat, we were going to the World Series and we were going to win. I watched first hand in game 1 of how good the Braves could be, the pitching had been outstanding and the bats were always going to show up. The Braves played so damn good they took the series to 3-1 after seeing some of the best Dodgers pitching through the first 4 games. The team was destined for glory, all they had to do was win one fucking game. ONE GAME. The Braves got to throw both of their aces to win the series. They got to throw the undefeated Max Fried, and Ian Anderson who had yet to give up a run in the whole damn postseason. What did they do with this opportunity for greatness? They shit the bed over and over again, blowing chance after chance to get to Dodger pitching and turning into the Braves I’ve watched for so long. Always the team that was promised, never the team that delivers. I have to imagine this is just the start of what Braves fans felt like in the 90’s. Our team is very good and is going to continue to be very good but I have the unbearable feeling that we are just never going to get everything right. We’re not going to go after big free agents to get over the hump, they’re going to keep saying we got guys in the minors and that are going to be the next guys, they’re going to keep uttering that we’re following the process and we’re confident in our squad because the Braves are going to keep being competitive in October, just like the 90’s. I am now confident I am going to be confined to watching the Braves lose on the brink of greatness for the next period of my life and it sucks. How could they possibly blow a 3-1 lead, how do you keep pitching to Corey Seager when he’s hit 5 home runs against you, how do you give up 11 runs in the first inning of an NLCS game, how do you get dominated in the last three games of the biggest series this franchise has played in since the 90’s? I have so many questions and no answers, sports suck, rooting for teams that never win sucks, I just want one time to feel the glory of my team winning the World Series and this year seemed to be the year and it wasn’t and it all sucks.

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