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Sport of the Quarantine

There is an absolute storm brewing in the sports world these days, it’s not the end of the Brady era in New England, it’s not the cancellation of March Madness and all major sports entities across the world, it is Marbula One, the greatest quarantine distraction yet. Started just this year the young racing league is in its first season on the ole youtube and it is somethin else. With teams ranging from the Savage Speeders to the Balls of Chaos it is truly like no other.

The sport is a relatively simple one, every weekend there is a new circuit up for grabs, and just like the Formula One you see on TV there is qualifying and then the big race. The field consists of sixteen teams and I believe most have their own home racetrack to fuel the home field advantage.

The sport is very simple, just as Formula One and many other autosports, there can only be one winner. The sport employs a simple points system both for teams and individual racers. First place takes home 25 points while second and third take home 18 and 15 respectively with the rest of the field trailing off behind.

We are now six weeks through the season after this weekend’s electric race at the short circuit, home of thunderbolts. After a great race for the team The Savage Speeders took over first place in the team standings passing both The Hazers and Team Galactic. The Speeders now lead the Hazers 70-65. Meanwhile on the racers side Snowy of team Snowballs leads the pack with 42 points, trails or actually is kind of tied with Prim of Team Primary who also has 42 points. I’m no expert but I’m pretty sure Snowy has a win and Prim doesn’t so Snowy has the lead.

This is a truly ravishing sport folks and you need to turn in, and depending on your bookie you may even be able to gamble on it. And with only a few races left in the season you need to get those bets in now. Seriously, we got nothin else to do folks, this is the best sport around with absolutely thrilling commentary, take a look.

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