Ree$e's "Pieces" Ed. 3

Market’s opening day of the week - 7/5/2020

Date : 7/9/2020

DISCLAIMER* anything you read as a part of this series should not be listened to blindly. Do your due diligence, contact a personal certified financial advisor before making your BUY/SELL decisions.

For the 3rd edition of the Ree$e’s “Pieces” series, I will start by updating the status of previously reviewed stocks: Snapchat and Nikola. In the last edition, dated 6/29/2020, Snapchat and Nikola were listed as “BUY” ratings. At the time of my review, 6/9/2020 2:33pm, Snapchat had a Stock Price of - $20.91 and I stated the 1 Year Target Stock Price to be - $27.45. As of 2:00pm on 7/9/2020, the current price for Snapchat is - $25.90 and the stock is up over 27% in the past month. Snapchat should still be bought at every price dip and then held for the long term growth. If you are attentive to the market, sell when the stock is surging like this to capitalize on profits, then use the profits to re-buy when the stock dips again. Otherwise, just buy and hold to let your money keep working for you!

Nikola has not experienced the same success in the past month that Snapchat has. However, Nikola should be bought before you spend the money on Snapchat right now. The stock is down to $56.31 as of 2:31pm today. That means it is down over 34% in the past month and is “ON SALE”. This price for one share of Nikola is 34% cheaper today than it was a month ago and it gets you the same amount of equity in the same company! This is why Nikola was labeled a “Cautious BUY” because it was bound to dip after the insane surges it was pulling off. So when it dips, that’s when you buy, like now! Seriously go buy it already…

This week there are 3 stocks up on the docket for review. The companies and their tickers are as follows: Blackstone Mortgage Trust - BXMT, Slack - WORK, Royal Caribbean Cruise Line - RCL.


Blackstone Mortgage Trust (BXMT) - BUY

7/9/2020 12:52pm Stock Price - $21.52 Dividend Yield - 11.25

(Down 40% 1 year to date )

Past 52 week range : $12.67 - $40.62 Price/Equity - 16.42

1 Year Target Stock Price - $25.71 Market Cap - 3.15B

  • Blackstone is a real estate financing company that yields its returns from a loan portfolio and pays its profits to shareholders primarily in the form of dividends.

  • The stock price is down due to the decrease in demand for real estate during this COVID-19 era, reducing the amount of loans and revenue Blackstone stands to make.

  • Post COVID-19, Blackstone will see large growth in revenue as the economy heals as a whole and the real estate market picks back up.

  • BXMT is a buy and HOLD stock to experience a high dividend yield, that will secure a consistent revenue stream in the long term.

PRO’s ~ Blackstone will generate comfortable revenue for shareholders through a generous dividend.

CON’s ~ Blackstone doesn’t have a lot of potential for exponential growth, and is not a stock that you buy looking to get rich quickly on a one hit wonder.


Slack (WORK) - BUY

7/9/2020 1:11pm Stock Price - $33.68 Dividend Yield - N/A

(Up 37% 1 year to date)

Past 52 week range : $15.10 - $40.07 Price/Equity - N/A

1 Year Target Stock Price - $60+ Market Cap - 18.91B

  • Slack is a technology communication company in a time period that online communication in the workplace is becoming essential.

  • Growth is inevitable with the increase in the total market demand of business communication platforms.

  • Slack provides engineering, sales, marketing, IT, project management, and HR solutions to ensure great overall service.

  • Slack’s software improves collaboration and service to achieve top of the line results in the industry and will help Slack to capture more market share against competitors like Zoom.

  • Slack’s management has declared they want to be more aggressive with acquisitions and growth strategies moving forward.

PRO’s ~ Covid-19 has caused businesses, schools, and personal communications to be converted to online interaction. This helps build the demand pool for this market niche that Slack can dip into to increase sales.

CON’s ~ Slack will have a very successful, large competitor in the industry called Zoom. Zoom experiences higher economies of scale and currently has a larger user base to give them an early advantage over Slack.


Royal Carribean Cruise Line (RCL) - BUY

7/9/2020 1:25pm Stock Price - $47.74 Dividend Yield - 4.92

(Down 57% 1 year to date)

Past 52 week range : $19.25 - $135.32 Price/Equity - 56.06

1 Year Target Stock Price - $83.77 Market Cap - 10.00B

  • Global cruise line travel company that engages in entertainment and luxury experience.

  • Consumer spending has been down due to a bearish market and stress of corona-virus. Not to mention the travel bans and stay at home orders causing people to cancel previously planned trips.

  • Demand for rescheduled trips, vacation time post covid, and consumer expenditures will all rise after the whole world has had to stay at home for so long. People miss doing normal stuff!

  • This is a long term hold, and you might experience more losses before breaking profit, but you’ll still be riding a nice dividend as you watch the stock grow to it’s previous heights.

  • I just sold some other stock to get some liquid capital to buy this stock today because I’m that bullish on Royal Caribbean!

PRO’s ~ This is a massive sale price for equity in this recognized brand of travel commodities that will be around for decades to come.

CON’s ~ The way travel is done moving forward post Covid-19 is uncharted waters and could take a toll on the cruise line industry.

***I have changed around the format of this series this week and if you’ve read to this point, I’d love to know what you think and if this helped you in any way. Also, if you have any suggestions I’m all ears and would love to hear them! Along with any questions you might have for me, please send my way @kreese52 on Instagram or via email - and I’ll post them in the next blog with your approval! Thanks for reading :)

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