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PECOTA is smoking dope

I have know idea what PECOTA is but they must be smoking crack this MLB offseason. They have released their projections for the 2021 MLB season and guess what folks, the Braves are gettin disrespected yet again this year. Last year’s NL east winners, 2 wins from the world series Atlanta Braves are projected to finish fourth in the NL East behind the Phillies, Nationals, and Mets. And funniest of all PECOTA projects they have a FIVE PERCENT CHANCE to win the division, five percent??? The teams projected to finish above the Braves finished 7 and 9 games back of the Braves last year, and didn’t even make the fucking playoffs, WHICH WERE EXPANDED! Listen I get the Mets got so much better this offseason, they got Lindor, Bauer, and Steve Cohen so I get them getting the number one projection but PECOTA is telling me the Phillies are better than the Braves?? The Braves rotation was decimated by injuries last year and got carried to the end of the regular season with 13 different pitchers making starts, and yet the Braves still finished 7 games ahead of the Phillies. And guess what, the Braves rotation is going to be better this year, Soroka, a potential Cy Young winner in the coming years will be back, Max Fried who dominated teams last year, and Ian Anderson who took massive steps last year and proved to be a pitcher for the future. Not only that the Braves picked up Charlie Morton and have Cole Hamels coming off of injury hopefully returning to his past self. Aside from the rotation the Braves offense should be just as potent as last year. Marcell Ozuna, last year's leader in home runs no big deal, has returned to Atlanta on a four year deal. Oh and by the way we still have Ronald Acuna Jr. probably the biggest 40-40 threat in baseball, as well as last year’s NL MVP Freddie Freeman. Now I don’t really know what the fuck PECOTA is but it seems like maybe the Braves have a better than 5% chance of winning the division but what do I know, I just saw the Braves go to the NLCS last year while the other teams in the division were golfing at some country club.

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