NCAA Basketball in trouble?

Changes are coming for the best high school basketball players in the U.S, and not exactly in the NCAA’s favor. HS superstars such as Lamelo Ball and RJ Hampton took the overseas route by playing in the NBL(professional Australian league), and now Lamelo is a projected top 3 pick, and RJ is a projected lottery pick. Lamelo was able to drastically improve his draft stock as scouts were able to witness him play against professionals and players much older and stronger than him. On top of this, he made about $100,000 playing there and even was able to purchase the Illawarra Hawks, the NBL team he played for. This could certainly sway some HS players' decision on whether going overseas could be a better move for their professional career than college ball. In even bigger news, the new G-league route out of high school is making big waves. The top HS player in the world, Jalen Green chose the G-League over top colleges, Memphis and Auburn. The NBA took a step in the right direction for player development matching other major sports as a HS player can now step right into their respected work force and face immense competition with professional experience. The benefits of signing with a G-League team are enormous as Jalen Green signed a contract for $500,000, and he is able to receive a scholarship to fulfill his education if he decides to. Green will be eligible for the 2021 NBA draft while making half a million dollars, facing professional competition, working out and practicing like a pro, and still receiving a scholarship. Green said it was a no-brainer decision, and the professional lifestyle that would prepare them for the next level was a major factor. Now, many top players are following suit. Isaiah Todd, a 5 star player who was originally committed to Michigan, decommitted and signed to a G-league team as well. Recently 7 foot 2 inch Phillipine phenom, Kai Sotto, followed the same path. Jalen Green started the trend and now many top players are subsequently doing the same. The NCAA is now losing some of the top prospects overseas and to the G-League as many players view these paths as superior to help them kickstart their professional career. On top of this, the ability for a HS player to go straight into the NBA Draft out of HS has been in talks for some years, and it wouldn’t surprise me to see this rule get approved in the next few years. Great players such as LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, Kevin Garnett, and Tracy Mcgrady, skipped college, but obviously rule changes banned this from occurring. Yes, the NCAA started to pass an endorsement bill that could really help attract HS players as many top players could earn tons of endorsement money, but this bill stills is a while away from passing. The G-league and overseas route for HS are quickly gaining traction, and I expect more players to do the same as Jalen Green and company, and the NCAA could be facing some serious trouble if these paths continue to show success for top HS players.

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