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MLB Story lines We May Miss

In the wake of COVID-19 and the cancellation or postponement of all major sports, I began to think about what we will miss with a shortened or non-existent MLB season. It is truly a good time to be a baseball fan with many great things going on in the game right now and I think these are the most significant story lines we are going to miss out on.

Another year of Mike Trout being the GOAT

The greatest baseball player many of us have ever seen is not even 30 yet and he is just coming off his third MVP season, his 8th straight all star game, and his 7th silver slugger. Last year he hit his career best 45 home runs, playing only 134 games, while leading the league in OBP, SLG, OPS, and OPS+. Mike Trout is simply still getting better and better every year and we are about to miss out on what easily could’ve been his 4th MVP season. It is truly a travesty, even if we get some baseball, that we are going to miss out on a year of Mike Trout, on a team where he was actually going to have some help this year after the Angels went out and got Rendon. Now it is still unlikely we would’ve seen Trout in the playoffs, we likely would’ve seen him play in a lot more meaningful games down the stretch doing things no one other than him can do.

The National League MVP race

Not only were we likely to see another fierce battle between Christian Yelich and Cody Bellinger for the MVP, we were going to get to watch two of the youngest stars of the game insert themselves into the race. Ronald Acuna Jr. and Juan Soto are likely to be the future of baseball as it stands now. They are simply the two best young players, who also carry the flare and swagger to be the biggest names in baseball. With those two being in the same division as well we were going to get to watch them compete likely for a home run title between the two, as well as watch Ronald Acuna Jr chase down a possible 50-50 season.

Gerrit Cole and the Evil Empire

With the Yankees signing Gerrit Cole over the offseason, coming off a dominant 2019 in which he led the American League in ERA as well as leading baseball in strikeouts with 326, he was joining a juggernaut of a Yankees team that had won 103 games the year before, but desperately lacked starting pitching in the playoffs. Gerrit Cole was going to likely push the 103 win Yankees well into contention to be favorites for winning the world series, especially with the downfall of the Red Sox in their division, as well as what was likely going to be a down year for the Astros, not being able to cheat and all.

Astros Shame Tour

And finally, what was primed to be my favorite thing day in and day out, the Astros’ Shame Tour that was going to follow them into every ballpark nationwide, and likely even their own. That team was going to get booed harder than Arod did in Boston, and harder than Barry Bonds trying to break Hank Aaron’s record. It had already started in spring training and the videos put out on social media were golden. Very few people or teams have ever gotten caught so red-handed, especially in the world series, for more than one year. They were going to roasted every step they took and those cocky bastards were going to have nothing to say about it.

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