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MLB Corona Divisions

In a rumored proposal coming out of the MLB, it is looking like the league may attempt to play a shortened season, played out of three major hubs, in which teams will only play in their area, thus creating a three division system of ten teams each. This rumored proposal may give us baseball to watch sometime soon, but for some fans of certain teams the new divisions are either a blessing or a curse.

The proposed East division consists of the Yankees, Mets, Red Sox, Nationals, Orioles, Phillies, Pirates, Blue Jays, Rays, and the Miami Marlins. This division looks to me to be by far the best with having last year's World Series winner, the 103 win Yankees that just picked up a Cy Young in Gerrit Cole, the should be good Phillies, as well as the perennial wildcard Tampa Bay Rays. And quite frankly, for one of the only times in my life, I will feel bad for Nationals and Phillies fans. The Nationals are just coming off their first World Series, as well as their first playoff series win, and now they have to battle with not only the Yankees but a very good Rays team as well. On the Phillies side of things they just came off a disappointing first season of Bryce Harper and company and were looking forward to turning things back into what they had hoped to be a championship caliber team. They just went out and secured Zack Wheeler to try and bolster the rotation, as well as adding a very good shortstop in Didi Gregorius. The Phillies have a very talented core that will likely be beaten up day by day in this league by some of the best pitchers in baseball, and of course Bryce Harper will continue to get worse hopefully, leading to even more pain for Phillies fans.

The West division doesn’t look nearly as intimidating consisting of the Dodgers, Angels, Giants, A’s, Padres, Diamondbacks, Rockies, Rangers, Astros, and the Mariners. The division gets an up and coming team in the Angels, having just secured a potential MVP in Anthony Rendon to couple with Mike Trout and hopefully a full season of Shohei Ohtani, and that could be really exciting for Angels fans, they finally get to see their team possibly compete with many division rivals. The Astros are poised to have a downturn this year, losing ace Gerrit Cole as well as being exposed for their cheating ways so this may be a time for the A’s and the Dodgers to really shine, both have good teams but have been consistently stuck behind the Astros, the Dodgers in the World Series and the A’s within their normal division.

The Central division is what I, as a Braves fan, would be most excited about. Consisting of the Cubs, White Sox, Brewers, Cardinals, Royals, Reds, Indians, Twins, Braves, and Tigers, there just isn’t too much competition for a young Braves team that is really coming into their own as a club. Ronald Acuna Jr was looking at another 40-40 season, Mike Soroka was looking towards another Cy Young push, and the team finally went out and tried to sure up the bullpen that has proved so costly in years past. Of course they are going to have to compete with a very good, very home run heavy Twins team that has quite a menacing lineup, but with the Braves new bullpen, as well as a wiser young rotation, this division could still bode well for the Braves. On the other hand this is not a great division for a Cubs team that has been trying to get back to the World Series after their win in 2016. They are put up not only against the Cardinals and Brewers, who kept them from the postseason last year, they now have to deal with a 101 win Twins, a somewhat decent but declining Indians team, and the young and hungry Braves.

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