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Marbula One Week 7

With another week of quarantine in the books we also have another week of this season of Marbula One in the books. Starting off with qualifying we were introduced to this week's track hosted by the Raspberry Racers, a dazzling 15 turn figure eight configuration, one of the most technical tracks on the circuit.

Post-qualifying we received the starting grid with Mimo of team Momo taking the pole followed closely behind by Smoggy and Rapidly. This set the stage for an absolute shit show of a race folks. Right off the bat the leader Mimo got a horrible start, going first to last and giving the lead to Smoggy. Meanwhile half the field was immediately taken out within the first few turns prompting a yellow flag while many marbles were stuck. As the leaders continued around the track, coming back to the wreck in the first turns the leaders collided with those marbles already stuck and it just got even worse. With the entire field stuck in a turn we saw a red flag come out and madness ensues as the race is planned to be restarted. And if it couldn’t get any more hectic as the race was trying to be restarted a wild fan leapt onto the track, having to be escorted out and likely arrested.

With the race back under control we saw a thrilling competition for the top 3 spots, Smoggy, Orangin, and Mimo were going back and forth all race with numerous collisions and lead changes but inevitably Smoggy was able to take the checkered flag securing the 25 points for him and his team.

This win for Smoggy and the Hazers bumped them up into the first spot in the team standings with just one race to go coming up next week, and if there is as much chaos next week at Midnight Bay as there was at the Razzway, well folks you better tune in for the greatest sporting event of quarantine.

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