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Marbula One Finale

Through the trials of quarantine and social distancing we have so far had two constants in our lives, devastating boredom and depression due to our lack of sports, and our saving grace, Marbula One. We’ve seen the trials of a thrilling season full of fan ejections, brawls, and the occasional restart. But no longer will we have this saving grace to look forward to every weekend, because the season has come to an end.

The finale was hosted at the Midnight Bay course, a very complicated 13 meter track consisting of not only a tunnel, but also an invisible bridge. Coming into this circuit the leaderboard was listed as such, The Hazers held the lead with 90 points, very much beating the Savage Speeders holding on with 76 points, as well as the O’rangers trying to stay in the top three with 69. And after qualifying it looked good for the Savage Speeders as they had Speedy starting the race in P1.

And well folks they did it. The Savage Speeders, on the back of Speedy, had the lead early, lost it, and heroically fought back into first place taking the chequered flag at Midnight Bay, and thus taking the championship right out from under the Hazer’s nose. The Hazer’s, led by Hazey, had an awful qualifying and could barely keep it in the top ten all race. This led them to blowing a 14 point lead in the standings and finishing in second place, proving yet again Hazer’s never win. While Hazey blew it for the Hazer’s, Speedy not only won his team the championship but he won the racer’s championship as well. While it may be too early to call Speedy the GOAT of Marbula One, it seems he may well be heading down that path.

So that is it for the Marbula One season and the only sport left for us to watch as far as I know, so who knows where we go from here folks. A fair guess would probably be a deeper dive into the unknown of the internets, cause frankly none of us know what the hell to do in a world without sports.

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