Locksmith and Kap's Weekly NFL Pickem: Week 1

Football is Back. I do not know how many times I have said/ written that sentence this week, but it is so back. As well as betting every single game on Sunday and sitting in a lay z boy, looking like a bowl of soup, from 1 until 7, when you finally get up to eat the lasagna your wife (for me mom) made as the only intermission until the SNF game starts and you have officially thrown all your hopes/money into a parlay with the Seahawks spread and the over for their game. Thinking (knowing) that you are going to win it back. And we get to do this every Sunday until February. Now that I painted that beautiful image in your head, I want to offer you some of the best picks in the world for the first Sunday. Locksmith has been challenged to a weekly pickem by Kap (Not to be confused with the attention seeker Kaepernick). We will be posting our picks every week and keeping track with the record of them. So, with that being said, may your hammer be mighty.

Week 1

Philadelphia Eagles @ Atlanta Falcons (ATL-3.5)

Kap: Eagles +3, Falcons 28 Eagles 27

Locksmith: Eagles +3, Falcons 27 Eagles 31

Pittsburgh Steelers @ Buffalo Bills (BUF -6.5)

Kap: Bills -6.5, Bills 31 Steelers 23

Locksmith: Steelers +6.5, Bills 28 Steelers 24

Minnesota Vikings @ Cincinnati Bengals (MIN -3)

Kap: Vikings -3, Vikings 27 Bengals 23

Locksmith: Vikings -3, Vikings 34 Bengals 27

San Francisco 49ers @ Detroit Lions (SF-7.5)

Kap: Niners -7.5, Niners 34 Lions 16

Locksmith: Niners -7.5, Niners 31 Lions 22

Arizona Cardinals @ Tennessee Titans (TEN -3)

Kap: Titans -3, Titans 37 Cardinals 31

Locksmith: Titans -3, Titans 41 Cardinals 28

Seattle Seahawks @ Indianapolis Colts (SEA -3)

Kap: Colts +3, Colts 30 Seahawks 27

Locksmith: Colts +3, Colts 27 Seahawks 24

Los Angeles Chargers @ Washington Football Team (WASH -1)

Kap: Football Team -1, Football Team 23 Chargers 20

Locksmith: Football Team -1, WFT 30 Chargers 28

New York Jets @ Carolina Panthers (CAR -3.5)

Kap: Panthers -3.5, Panthers 24 Jets 17

Locksmith: Panthers -3.5, Panthers 38 Jets 24

Jacksonville Jaguars @ Houston Texans (JAX -3)

Kap: Texans +3, Jags 26, Texans 24

Locksmith: Jaguars -3, Jaguars 27 Texans 20

Cleveland Browns @ Kansas City Chiefs (KC -5.5)

Kap: Browns +5.5, Chiefs 31 Browns 27

Locksmith: Chiefs -5.5, Chiefs 41 Browns 34

Miami Dolphins @ New England Patriots (NE -3.5)

Kap: Dolphins +3.5, Dolphins 23 Patriots 20

Locksmith: Pats -3.5, Dolphins 20 Patriots 24

Greenbay Packers @ New Orleans Saints (GB -3)

Kap: Packers -3, Packers 31 Saints 21

Locksmith: Packers -3, Packers 35 Saints 28

Denver Broncos @ New York Giants (DEN -2.5)

Kap: Broncos -2.5, Broncos 20 Giants 13

Locksmith: Giants +3, Broncos 17 Giants 20

Chicago Bears @ Los Angeles Rams (LA -7.5)

Kap: Rams -7.5, Rams 30 Bears 16

Locksmith: Bears +7.5, Rams 21 Bears 17

Baltimore Ravens @ Las Vegas Raiders (BAL -4)

Kap: Raiders +4, Ravens 27 Raiders 24

Locksmith: Raiders +4, Ravens 21, Raiders 24

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