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Jrob's Corner: COVID-19

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Millions of people across the world are currently believing the whole entire world is ending due to this coronavirus going around, and I am not one of them. In the beginning of this outbreak I consistently roasted what is now known as COVID-19, I believed it was worthless, it was a simple flu that wouldn’t affect me in any way whatsoever. But the tables have turned for my dear friend COVID-19, and I have to admit, I now respect it. It is clearly a formidable virus that truly unfortunately is killing a good amount of people, and putting many grandparents and poor immune systems at risk. It is truly a scary time for humanity, but it’s kind of nice for those of us that truly despise other people. I’ll be the first to tell you that I don’t really enjoy the majority of human contact I experience on a daily basis. Traffic sucks, large crowds suck, waiting in lines is the absolute worst, and above all, every person besides a few, usually sucks. It is just human nature, we all think we’re better than everyone else, and well that’s just a bummer if you don’t. Because I am like this I am absolutely loving this whole social distancing business, it’s one of the best things to ever happen for me. Everywhere I go, the streets are empty, greenlights everywhere, the stores are empty so there's absolutely no lines, and there is no one around to annoy me. It is truly a wonderful time to be outside and shopping or really just driving or walking. COVID-19 has truly gained my respect and I plan to live it up in these days of self-quarantine and social distancing. Now to be fair, I won’t pull a clout-chasing youtuber move and abuse this time of crisis to travel as I please for the cheap, for that is the whole reason this monstrosity is growing as it is. And if we’re being honest that’s a bit of a dick move because this is a dangerous ordeal for a lot of people, but I am absolutely going to love this age of empty streets and stores, because people suck, and this is the least amount of people I’ve ever had to deal with and it is absolutely wonderful.

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