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Jrob's Corner: Corona and Tik-Tok (Explicit)

Several months of quarantine later and several highs and lows of this supposed pandemic later, it seems no one knows what the fuck is up with corona. For what seemed like forever everyone was saying we got to shut everything down for just a little bit, flatten the curve and find a cure. And at this point in time I’m getting real confused, I’m hearing doctors that said we gotta wait and find a cure now saying we need to open the country back up to prevent more deaths. It seems like everyone and their fucking brother is contradicting themselves left and right. And quite frankly it's starting to seem like corona is just gonna be around for eternity, and we just have to get used to this, but I’m tired of this stupid ass virus ruining sports and everything good in life. Not only that I’m pissed that the boredom of this stupid quarantine has somehow convinced me to download Tik-Tok, the hottest app on the market. And now I’ve gotten sucked into what appears to me as the worst social media app ever invented. I mean finding out about these hype house kids and all the supposed “famous” Tik-Tokers has damn near ruined the internet. Tik-Tok famous is the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen in my life, and half of them are like 15 years old just doing some stupid ass voice overs. I mean do these people make money? Who the fuck is choosing to pay these children to make voice over dance videos for a living, it is the stupidest shit on the internet. Instagram influencers are one thing but these goddamn Tik-Tokers are infuriating and annoying as hell. Another problem I have with that stupid app is every other damn video has a fucking part 2 or 3 or even 4,5, and 6. The videos are supposed to be short for a reason, I don’t need a whole autobiography to explain how the fuck your dog ended up across the street or how you tried to build a boat out of duct tape and it sank then you built it again and it sank again. All these people trying to be Tik-Tok famous make me look through their whole damn profile just so I can see something happen that could’ve been shown in one video. And the problem is their damn methods work, I always like for part two, I always go searching through their damn profile to find the next video, and more importantly I hate that they play me like a damn fiddle and get views out of me every time.


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