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We have now been in a world without sports or normal life for what seems like decades now, and I have to say the initial excitement I felt for a world without human interaction is beginning to fade. I’m starting to crack folks, and it brings me pain to say it out loud. The beginning of this social distancing bullshit was a blast, for lack of knowledge of the severity of that stupid virus and truthfully, lack of care for it, I was able to thrive. But now with a dash of fear and care for other people, I have taken to actually somewhat practicing social distancing and the stay at home order and all, and it is hell. I no longer am excited by every light being green, or every line being non-existent. For once in my life I am craving to have to wait in line behind several idiots that don’t understand how to quickly checkout anywhere. I want to drive around endlessly looking for a good parking spot somewhere, only to find one obstructed by some idiot that can’t park the sparkly clean, never seen the mud, lifted jeep his daddy bought. Right now I would actually love to go watch any sport, even a low-grade women’s soccer game. Hell I would even pay good money to go watch the two last place little league teams go at it for seven innings.

Not only am I struggling deeply in my need for sports to distract from the dark abyss of the normal world, I have no bloody clue what day it is anymore, what time it is, and I barely could tell you what season we’re in because nothing is going on in this post-apocalyptic world. There is absolutely nothing to do but log into stupid zoom meetings or classes, play the same video games over and over or sleep. I have no idea how to live in a life without sports to tell me what season it is or what to watch. And much to my suprise, I actually like human interaction a little bit more than I previously thought.

So with this I leave you, can one of those gazillionaire billionaires just throw their dick around and pay somebody to do something about this damn virus so I can watch my sports teams disappoint me like they do every year.


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