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Earlier this week, I posted on my Instagram story asking for people to send me their hottest take about anything they were passionate about. In the 24 hours the post was up, I received takes about everything from the NFL to how underrated a specific country is, and in-between those I got some good questions as well. Below is every take or question I received, my response, and a rating on the “Heat” meter of just how hot that take is. If you sent in a take at any time, you are down there somewhere, and you got the credit you deserve. Let’s jump right in.

Your phone should be in your LEFT pocket, everything else should be in your RIGHT pocket. - Ryan K.

Whether the phone ends up in the left or right pocket has never been a consistent thing for me, but it should absolutely always be isolated. Putting your phone in the same pocket as a wallet or keys is uncomfortable and definitely psychopathic behavior.

Heat: 6/10

If you think about it, the point of golf is to play less golf. - Andre B.

While the fact that the less shots you took the better you performed in a specific round of golf is true, I would argue that performing well in one round of golf would lead you to playing more golf in the future. Therefore, more golf is being played in the long-run, making this claim not as factual as previously thought. Either way I’m playing a lot any time I go to a course.

Heat: 5/10

NC Dinos win the KBO Championship. - Drew L.

I know nothing about the KBO but after checking out the standings it appears the Dinos are 2-0 and at the top of the league right now and that’s good enough for me. Hang the banner.

Heat: 5.5/10

Dr. Doofenshmirtz is actually Phineas’s dad (Just look at the head shape). - Derek S.

Phineas and Ferb is an all-time Disney cartoon with some of the best writing and comedy in the network’s history, and Doof is a brilliant character. And I cannot deny the triangle-shape of both Doof and Phineas’s heads is damning genetic evidence, but would a group of Disney writers really work in an unwritten subplot that included the supposed antagonist of the show as the main character’s estranged biological father? And how has Perry not uncovered this secret yet? I’m not fully in yet, but I’m intrigued.

Heat: 7/10

Pickles are the best snack-food in the world and Junior Mints are a highest-tier candy. - The lovely Laynie H.

Dill pickles are elite and absolutely delicious. Sweet pickles are acceptable. Bread and butter pickles are avoided. Junior Mints were Seinfeld’d into the public conscience and are a decent candy, but the highest-tier candies are Sour Patch Kids, M&Ms, and Skittles. These are both pretty hot takes just for the stakes that are included with them being the “best” and “highest-tier” though, and I will always respect that.

Heat: 7.5/10

The Last Dance documentary series is further cementing Jordan as the untouchable GOAT. - Justin H.

Until the LeBron James documentary comes out in fifteen years when the next quarantine rolls around, it’ll be tough to determine the actual effect that The Last Dance has as opposed to any other documentary, but it is opening a new generation into the MJ World. Being able to dominate the news cycle and social media matters a lot in the GOAT conversation, and MJ is doing it decades after his true retirement.

Heat: 6/10

Kodak Black is a far superior rapper than Jay-Z. - Charlie P.

This is like comparing MJ or LeBron to the Morris twins. The Morris twins are good basketball players, but they will never be at the level of absolute game-changers like MJ and LeBron. Kodak Black at no point in time was a top five rapper, while Jay-Z is one of the most influential music artists of all-time. Shoutout Neil.

Heat: 9/10

Brady will be exposed as a Belichick system QB as he continues to age. - Justin H.

Bucs won’t actually be good. - Davis C.

I put these two together because they are rooted in the same argument: Tampa Bay’s acquisition of Tom Brady and other assets will not be as incredible a move as originally thought. I have always thought the Brady slander was incredibly overblown and his argument for GOAT is pretty untouchable, but Father Time is undefeated. If Bruce Arians can’t find the way to best utilize Brady’s skills, then I can absolutely see the Bucs meddling around .500 and missing the playoffs.

Heat: 7/10

Free agency and the DH are killing America’s pastime. - Matt T.

The DH argument I completely understand even though I do support the American League’s decision. In the most traditional sense, a pitcher is part of the line-up and should have to hit just like every other player even if it is a more boring offensive game. But free agency? It gives players chances to play in organizations they never would have previously and baseball is doing fine in the parity department, so I see absolutely nothing wrong with free agency (unless the Tigers go another free agency without getting a big target, in that case the whole system needs rebuilt).

Heat: 8.5/10

Those perfectly round white cookies with colorful frosting? TRASH! - Camryn M.

I have heard this take many times and I disagree strongly. These cookies are both super sweet and really dry in a surprisingly good combination, and when I see one on a table at a gathering I am satisfied. You want to know an actual trash cookie? Oatmeal raisin. All my homies hate oatmeal raisin.

Heat: 7/10

Belgium is the most underrated country. - Ryan K.

Sitting between France, Germany, and the Netherlands, Belgium is a small but powerful nation in Europe. I have never been nor do I know much about the country, but I have always been impressed with how good their soccer team is despite their geographic size. However, I rarely ever hear people talk about Ireland as a vacation spot and I loved it there, so I have to go with Ireland as most underrated.

Heat: 7/10

The G-League will NOT take down college basketball. - Alex F.

100% agree. Even with some of the biggest names in recruiting going to the G-League, 99% of high school players will still decide to move on to college. People are so connected to their universities and the G-League is still such a project that I don’t see it taking down college basketball any time soon. Also, if any basketball recruits are reading this, come to Clemson and be a part of history.

Heat: 5/10

James Harden will never win a championship, big men in the NBA have it easy, Tatum is MVP in 3 years. - Danny K.

This take is three-fold so I will go through all of them very briefly. The Rockets missed their window to win a championship and Harden’s only chance at a ring is as a bench-guy in about seven years. It is easier to make it to the NBA as a big man, but being an impactful big man in today’s NBA is harder than ever before. My own take is that Tatum is definitely an MVP-caliber player in three years, but I don’t think he stays with the Celtics for his career. Either Ainge deals him or he walks for max-money somewhere else.

Heat: 6.5/10

Without Scottie Pippen, Jordan wins 2 championships max. - Armen S.

Sheesh. Taking away four titles from Jordan no matter what the circumstances are is a bold move, but Pippen was a major factor in all of these titles. My counterpoint to this argument is without Pippen I don’t think Jordan spends his entire prime with the Bulls, and/or he doesn’t take any time off, so he has different opportunities to win other titles. So I can’t take four away, but I definitely agree he doesn’t have six without Pippen.

Heat: 8.5/10

Rap hasn’t been good since 2016. - Jim C.

2016 was a great year for music and a solid year for rap, but to say the whole genre has not been good since then is a very hot take. From 2017-Present albums such as Damn by Kendrick Lamar, Daytona by Pusha T, Care for Me by Saba, Astroworld by Travis Scott, Room 25 by Noname, Igor and Flower Boy by Tyler, the Creator, and plenty of other really good rap/hip-hop albums have been released. Rap is changing, but it will always be good in different ways.

Heat: 9/10

Good things are better than bad things. - Alden M.

This take brings up a serious metaphorical question. What is good and bad? How does the individual determine what their role as a “good” person is? How many “Good Place” points do I have? How many do I need? Are humans inherently evil? Why do we do anything? I need a drink.

Heat: 1/10 but also 10/10

Drew Brees is a top 3 quarterback of all-time and Apple Music is better than Spotify. - Casey M.

Drew Brees is a multi-record holder, a Super Bowl champion, the best player in the history of a franchise, and is one of the most skilled passers in the history of the game. Statistically and skill-wise, I support the argument for Brees as a top 3 quarterback of all-time. Also, I had Apple Music and Spotify at separate times and I am a Spotify supporter to the maximum. Year in Review and being able to have podcasts and music in the same place is tough to beat.

Heat: 8/10

Cookout is the most overrated fast food spot in America. - Jack V.

Cookout is accessible, tasty, and cheap, all major factors when looking into the value of a fast-food chain. But, it is certainly overrated. I would never choose Cookout when given the opportunity to go to nearly every other fast-food spot, but at 1am when a burger, fries, and a milkshake are needed very quickly, Cookout does the job. Overrated, but still certainly valuable.

Heat: 7.5/10

Duncan Robinson will end up being the all-time 3-point percentage leader NBA history. - TJ D.

That boy can shoot it. Duncan Robinson’s game revolves around spotting up and stroking it, something that has never been more valuable than right now in the NBA. He’s a 43.8% shooter from deep for his career, which would be fourth all-time for qualified shooters, and he still has many years to bring it back up. I can absolutely see him holding the record by the time he hangs it up.

Heat: 6.5/10

Tim W. has a higher vert and is the superior athlete compared to Derek S. - Tim W.

This is just an undeniable fact at this point. I vividly remember watching Tim dunk on Derek multiple times on both neighborhood hoops and in pick-up games. The fact that no one has picked up Tim for an NBA deal is absurd.

Heat: 4/10

Jordan Love wasn't a bad draft pick. - Conner S.

I wrote about it briefly in my first round recap, but I agree with this take. Do the Packers need other skill positions badly? Yes, but that doesn’t mean taking a possible QB for the future has to be a bad move instead. Jordan Love is a project but has the arm talent to be an NFL QB, and he won’t be better than Aaron Rodgers for a long time. Let Rodgers ride out his career and then pass over the reigns.

Heat: 6/10

Kevin Durant has and will be > LeBron James. - Griffin B.

This one is tough because there are things that Kevin Durant is able to do on the offensive end that LeBron simply can’t due to the size difference (LeBron is right about 6’8”, KD is actually about 7’ despite what his recorded height is), but given the choice of both from the beginning of their careers until now, I’m taking LeBron. He’s the greatest combination of size, strength, skill, and savvy the game has ever seen, and while I think KD might be the hardest player to guard of all-time, I refuse to bet against the King.

Heat: 7.5/10

Baker Mayfield will win MVP by the end of his career. - Sam A.

For Baker to win MVP a few things are going to have to happen. The Browns will have to make the playoffs, Baker will have to have a 30+ TDs and 4,000 yards year, the other dominant QBs in the NFL will have to all have down seasons, and he will have to make friends with the rest of the league and the media in the course of a season. It’s possible, but for all of those things to line-up would be a miracle for the city of Cleveland.

Heat: 8/10

Russell Westbrook is the most lethal guard in the league. - Cade T.

I was pleasantly surprised with Westbrook’s play this season, especially right before the season was suspended. He cut out shooting threes (the weakness of his game) and just bull-rushed the paint without any bigs in there (the strength of his game), and the Rockets were winning games because of it. But, Russ isn’t even the most lethal guard on his team, let alone the league. Watch the Blazers-Thunder highlights from last year’s playoffs to see a true lethal guard in action.

Heat: 8.5/10

Chris Paul, in overall value, just had his best year. - Jonathan C.

CP3 is the gift that keeps on giving. Despite being one of the oldest players in the league at 35, he’s still a terror in isolation and was leading a surprising Thunder team to the playoffs. In overall value, I would probably still take prime Lob City CP3 because that team without Paul had absolutely no direction, but had the Thunder been able to make a run in the Western Conference this year that could have absolutely changed.

Heat: 7/10

Babies come out of buttholes - make it happen - prove me wrong. - John M.

Let’s move on to questions.

Heat: 10/10

Matthew Stafford or Kirk Cousins? How is UNC #3 in recruiting? Will a delayed start to the NFL season help or hurt teams? Should we get a DR baseball alumni game in the works? - Kolden B.

Rapid fire style: Stafford (criminally underrated his entire career, with an offense like the Vikings had last season we’re talking a historically good team if led by Stafford), because Mack Brown is an incredible recruiter and they are dominating the 4-Star category, if they get a full training camp it’ll help but if not it will hurt, and absolutely.

Could KD or LeBron dominate in the old era? If LeBron went to college how different would the NBA be? - Jacob H.

KD and LeBron would have dominated the old era just like they dominate this era, and anyone that thinks differently is blinded by nostalgia and being an old-head. If LeBron went to college for a season LeBron probably doesn’t end up in Cleveland, the Magic have to decide between drafting Dwight and LeBron the next season, and we’re looking at an entirely different NBA landscape.

If you sent in a take, I sincerely thank you because this was an absolute blast and I will certainly be doing it again in the future. If you missed this round or have any other take you want me to react to, feel free to drop it in the DMs of the @ontheblockblog Instagram account or just hit me up directly.

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