Find Your Sports Fan Group, Traditionalist vs. Progressive

Sports fans across all leagues can be placed into one of two distinct groups, the traditionalists or the progressives. The traditionalists tend to love the old days, think the modern-game will never match the level it used to be, and that anyone who hasn’t won at least 3 championships is overrated. The progressives adore the current game, believe everyone who played a professional sport before Y2K would be a construction worker in today’s society, and will die arguing for analytics and advanced stats over eye-test and awards. Now, most people tend to believe they find themselves in a nice middle-ground where they can respect the old while still appreciating the new, but I am here today to let you know to which group you truly belong. For the three sports I know the most about I have developed seven questions, and from your answers I will be able to determine whether you are a traditionalist or a progressive. Let’s begin with the sport where the divide is the greatest, baseball.


  1. The Designated Hitter is:

  2. A travesty and a farce of the game.

  3. A necessary and important adjustment to the sport.

  4. A pitcher’s win-loss record is:

  5. Useful as a statistic and a good judgment of a pitcher’s season.

  6. An antiquated and useless judge of a pitcher’s performance.

  7. Bunting is:

  8. A necessary skill for all players to have and should be utilized often.

  9. Almost never worth it and should be used only by terrible hitters.

  10. Advanced statistics such as WAR and BABIP are:

  11. Fine, but won’t tell me anything I don’t already know about a player.

  12. Better than more commonly used stats and are the best indicators of performance.

  13. Starting pitchers should:

  14. Go at least six innings every game, aiming for complete games.

  15. Focus on the first five innings and then look to hand it off to the bullpen.

  16. Bat flips are:

  17. Unnecessary and classless.

  18. Awesome and good for the game.

  19. The greatest position player of all time is:

  20. Anybody other than Mike Trout.

  21. Mike Trout.

If you answered majority A, grab your scorecard and fire up some Ken Burns, you are a traditionalist. If you answered majority B, open a Baseball Reference tab and start hate-tweeting the Astros, you’re a progressive.


  1. The three-point revolution is:

  2. Ruining the sport and is making the game difficult to watch.

  3. Fascinating to watch and is changing the game for the better.

  4. Low-post only big men:

  5. Are valuable assets to any team.

  6. Are a waste of a roster spot.

  7. Positions are:

  8. Specific as PG, SG, SF, PF and C and players fall into at least one of those categories.

  9. Have no specific meaning and players exist more as ball-handlers, wings, or bigs.

  10. The most important aspect of defense is:

  11. Locking down for the entirety of the shot clock and preventing scores.

  12. Trying to force turnovers and getting the ball back as fast as possible.

  13. Since the early days of basketball, players have:

  14. Stayed at relatively the same skill level, just changed how the game was played.

  15. Gotten significantly more skilled and are better now than ever before.

  16. The newly-developed stepback, popularized by James Harden, is:

  17. A travel.

  18. A legal move.

  19. The better player of the two options is:

  20. Michael Jordan.

  21. LeBron James.

If you answer majority A, get ready to shoot some midrange jumpers and remind yourself how the game “used to be more physical”, you’re a traditionalist. If you answered majority B, start launching threes and watch some Nikola Jokic highlights, you’re a progressive.


  1. Offense should be:

  2. Run first and as long as you can until you have to pass.

  3. Pass early and often, run as a back-up plan.

  4. The choice on fourth and four around midfield is:

  5. Automatic punt or field goal.

  6. Keep the offense out and go for it.

  7. The ideal quarterback is:

  8. A strong pocket-passer that gets the ball to playmakers consistently.

  9. A mobile, accurate thrower who is a playmaker on his own.

  10. The most important physical attributes for drafting players are:

  11. Pure speed and strength.

  12. Position-specific skills.

  13. The Oklahoma Drill is:

  14. A staple of the sport that teaches toughness and tackling.

  15. A relic of the past that doesn’t belong in practices.

  16. Coordinators and analysts belong:

  17. On the sideline with the team and the head coach.

  18. Up in the coaching boxes.

  19. Which side wins championships:

  20. Defense.

  21. Offense.

If you answer majority A, shove those knee pads in and begin rooting for the Titans, you’re a traditionalist. If you answered majority B, work RPOs into your Madden playbooks and start telling yourself that Isaiah Simmons is the future of football, you’re a progressive.

Disagree with the side you ended up on? Think I missed out on important questions? Have anything to say at all? Hit me up on Twitter @airterrell12 and let me know.

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