Covid Chronicles: Day 1

Well folks, it seems that I have contracted the Covid-19 virus. Similar to my recent investments in $GME and $AMC (you may have heard of them), I found myself joining the party just as the numbers were on a downward trend. Life comes at you fast. Despite my recent positive test, I feel very lucky. I am currently asymptomatic and have a very comfortable space to isolate, as well as a great support group around me to keep me entertained while I wait this thing out. In the meantime, I figured what better time to get back into writing than when I have absolutely nothing else to do? There are an immense amount of things happening in the world right now, ranging from entertaining to downright terrifying, and I, shockingly, have something to say about all of them. So let’s jump right in.

Holding the Line

The stock market has always been one of those things that fascinates me and scares me all in one, similar to high-rise window cleaning. Huge respect to the people that make their living in those fields, but I’d rather watch from a distance through gritted teeth. However, when millions of Reddit users band together to take the stock of a dying video game distributor from single digits all the way into the stratosphere, I can’t resist. Just like so many others, I took what I could and invested through the brokerage app I already (rarely) used, RobinHood. Now, we all know what is going down, so I won’t rehash those sentiments, but damn it is fun to be a part of a group so passionate. Any time I see “Hold the Line” on social media or read another story about a hedge fund fat cat pissed they won’t be able to go to the Hamptons for their late-Spring vacation it just gets me amped up. My investments into GameStop (and AMC and Blackberry, still holding out hope) are absolutely miniscule compared to so many others, but I’m not selling either way. Viva la resistance.

Joel Em-Vee-Piid and the Sixers

Eastern Pennsylvania has enough salt coursing through its veins you can easily forget they won a Super Bowl not even three years ago, but the Eagles recent struggles are alarming at the least. On more positive notes, early into the season the Flyers are playing solid, the Phillies got JT Realmuto back, and the 76ers really have something brewing. Doc Rivers is back to his regular season winning ways with his new team, they avoided the James Harden circus, the East currently runs through them, and Joel Embiid has put it all together. Averaging 27.7ppg/11.1rpg/2.8apg and over a steal and a block a game each, The Process has played his way into MVP contention through the first third of the season. Numberswise, his production looks slightly unsustainable (all of his shooting numbers are above his career averages by pretty significant margins), but the Sixers look built to last. After an important, albeit shaky, win over the Lakers last night, they have proven they can beat anybody, and with their own Covid struggles behind them Philly looks as good as any team in the league right now.

What’s Up With WandaVision?

Marvel’s first major release since Avengers: Endgame is in full swing as a new episode of WandaVision is being released every Friday on Disney+. Through three episodes, it is clear this is unlike anything Marvel has done before, and certainly different than most Disney products. With every episode (so far) set as a sitcom from a different decade (watch the trailer, it’s something you just have to see to understand), firing up WV is essentially asking to be confused, but in an entertaining way. My knowledge of both Wanda and Vision before this series was confined to what we saw in the MCU, but the more time I spend with these characters the more I want to learn. It’s fun, it’s disorienting, it’s striking, but most of all it’s only getting better. If you have access to a Disney+ account (which you absolutely should, it’s quickly becoming the best streaming service available) I cannot recommend WandaVision highly enough, no matter your previous knowledge of the source material.

That’s all I’ve got today. Check back in tomorrow for more Covid Chronicles and hopefully we’re all rich. Stay safe y’all.

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