College Football Week 6

Updated: Oct 11

Current Record to Date: 35-38-1

No words other than I am choking. I’m not sure if I’ll ever actually get hot but in the off chance it happens here are the picks:

Saturday Picks:

Vanderbilt at Florida (+39), Over/Under 59.5

I’m going to be honest, the fact this is a legitimate line in a Power 5 conference is just stupid. Yes, they are so so bad but I am taking any SEC team +39. This is so bad but bet this one and don’t check your phone all day.

The Pick: Vanderbilt +39 (3)

Oklahoma (-3) vs Texas, Over/Under 63.5

Red River Rivalry, little extra emotion, and an underperforming Sooner team is going to show up hungry. Texas is riding too high, horns down.

The Pick: Oklahoma -3 (4)

Georgia Tech (-3.5) at Duke, Over/Under 59.5

Duke is so pitiful. That’s it. Gimme the Jackets.

The Pick: GT -3.5 (5)

Uconn (-3.5) at UMass, Over/Under 57

To be honest, idk if Uconn should be -3.5 against anyone EXCEPT Umass. This is two of the top 5 worst teams in the FBS but I do think UMass is the worst. Flat out. We ride with the Huskies.

The Pick: UConn -3.5 (2)

Wisconsin (-11) at Illinois, Over/Under 42

Y’all can give up on the Badgers, they suck. But here is the good thing. They still have one of the best defenses in the FBS playing against a piss-poor Illini offense, but since their offense has been so bad they have a deflated line. Jump on this, Wisconsin will roll by 17+.

The Pick: Wisconsin -11 (4)

Penn State at Iowa (-3), Over/Under 40.5

I got a text from a buddy saying “Penn State +3 for all the marbles, can’t say I never help ya” earlier this week, so we are going to ride the Nittany Lions.

The Pick: Penn State +3 (5)

Michigan (-2.5) at Nebraska, Over/Under 51

This is exactly like last week for Michigan, except this time they play a much worse team. Don’t fall for this trap line where they are begging you to take Nebraska because it looks like “Vegas knows something”, the Wolverines are going to roll.

The Pick: Michigan -2.5 (5)

Alabama (-17.5) at Texas A&M, Over/Under 50.5

Alabama is a juggernaut. The only team that can compete with them this year is Georgia, they are going to blow out everyone else. You don’t make money betting against Bama.

The Pick: Alabama -17.5 (5)

ND (-1) at Virginia Tech, Over/Under 47

I have one rule: if I go to a game I bet on it, with that being said I’ll be in Blacksburg this weekend betting on the Fighting Irish and the small line.

The Pick: ND -1 (3)

Picks by Confidence:

1: 0-2

2: 5-9

3: 13-12-1

4: 8-7

5: 8-7

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