Christian Pulisic: A Star is Born

21 year old Chelsea winger Christian Pulsiic is quickly moving on track to a path of stardom in the soccer world. At 16 years old Pulisic moved to Germany to go play for German powerhouse Borussia Dortmund. He lit up the academy and eventually moved his way into the first team, making his Bundesliga debut at only age 17. He showed some great flashes in a very tough league that earned him some major interest from top clubs around the world, including: Chelsea, Manchester United, and Liverpool. At 20 years old Chelsea agreed to sign Pulisic for an insane 73.1 million, which easily smashed the American transfer record. Chelsea is a top team in the English Premier League, and Pulisic certainly had to earn his spot and prove he belonged on the squad. He was constantly in and out of the lineup for coaching legend Frank Lampard, but had some tremendous spans of games, including a hat-trick one game. He unfortunately picked up a nagging injury that left him out for a long time before covid, but this may have been a blessing in disguise. After a couple month hiatus, Pulisic truly used this time to recover and get his mind and body right for the important rest of the season. Since the break resumed in the Premier league, Pulisic has been on an absolute tear, turning heads around the soccer world. He started on the bench for the first game, but only after a few games, he became Chelsea’s best attacking player and was crucial to their success. Perhaps his most impressive performance was his incredible 30 minute display versus the Premier League champions, Liverpool. Pulisic came on in the 60th minute because of injury he picked up in the previous game and provided an assist of the year contender and a great goal within 15 minutes of each other. In 15 minutes he single-handedly turned the game from 4-1 to 4-3 against the best team in the world. Pulisic was by far the best and most dangerous player on the field, and completely changed the game. Pulisic helped Chelsea finish in 4th in the Premier League, guarenting them Champions League soccer for next year, which is massive for a top team. Since Pulisic’s great play for Chelsea, he started to draw comparisons to Eden Hazard, a Chelsea legend that left for Real Madrid this year. Hazard was a top 5 player in his Chelsea days and was the main reason for their success, but it turns out Pulisic actually had a better first season than Hazard while Hazard played more minutes. Pulisic’s first season at Chelsea compares very similarly to many top premier league players including Mohammed Salah, Raheem Sterling, and Sadio Mane. Pulisic ended up with 9 goals and 4 assists in the Premier league after an injury that kept him out for a third of the season and he came off of the bench for multiple games. On top of Pulsiic’s success for Chelsea, someone else should be excited about Pulsic’s progress, and that someone is the entire country of the United States. Since turning 16 years old, Pulisic has been referred as the next great one, a prodigy, American’s hope, and just about everything else by the United States. And now we can say that Pulisic is answering those claims as his young body of work is impressive including: Being the youngest American to score a goal for the USMNT, already tallying 14 goals for USMNT,  tearing up the best league in the world at 21, and he is legitimately becoming a star in front of everyone’s eyes. The United States soccer community should be extremely excited about Pulisic as he is the first true star for the sport and carries so much potential and hope for our national team. In my eyes Pulisic is young, but he is easily well on his way to becoming the greatest American soccer player ever.

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