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Baseball Is Back

Covid be damned, Manfred be damned, owners be damned, baseball has persevered through what looks to be the worst public showing of the sport since the strike of 1994. Baseball is officially set to come back with the players reporting to their home ballparks for an abbreviated spring training on July 1st, with regular season play starting around July 24. This is by far the best news I’ve heard in months. Before this all baseball fans like me have gotten to hear about is how idiotic the owners are, how much of a fraud Manfred is, and how stupid it is that baseball had its head so far up its own ass they didn’t realize they could take advantage of a captive, at home, quarantine audience and shove it down the throat of every other league in the country. But putting all of the harsh feelings aside I think everyone can agree, we’re glad they finally figured this out and are gonna be putting the boys back out on the field, and with a pretty interesting twist to the schedule. To limit travel teams are only going to be playing against teams in their division, as well as the other league’s corresponding division. This means we get to watch harsh division rivalries every day, as well as some interesting matchups like oh I don’t know, the Astros and the Dodgers. And i have to believe somehow, someway, somebody is gonna manage to make cheating jokes at that game, even if the fans have to stand outside banging their own trash cans for all to hear. Not only will that be a great series I think the biggest competition coming out of this is going to be the NL and AL East. Each division on their own has been a toss up in recent years, with several teams from each division fighting all year for the top spot, and whoever doesn’t win the division usually is able to secure the wild card spot just like the Nationals who just happened to win the World Series last year. So now not only are these two divisions going to be fighting amongst themselves, they now have to play 4 games against more of the best teams in the league. Between the two divisions we’ve got a 97 win Braves team with a knack for choking in the playoffs, a 103 win Yankee team that just so happened to add Garrett Cole to the roster, a defending World Series champion Nationals team with one of the best rotations seen in recent history, a Rays team that continues revolutionizing the way the game is played for cheap while competing with massive money teams like the Red Sox and Yankees, and we also have a Phillies team with the 2015 MVP Bryce Harper. Watching these two divisions this year is going to be absolutely crazy and all I can hope for is that the Yankees do what they do best, get hurt, and the Braves are able to secure their place as the only two time, shortened season, World Series champions. All in all a 60 game MLB season is going to be absolute madness and it is going to be absolutely electric to watch America’s game come back to life and get back to losing my ass gambling on every game.

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