All 32 NFL team's ceiling and floors for 2021

Today is the day. NFL is back baby, and boy how we have missed it. The Euros and Olympics helped this NFL offseason, and the NBA finals going through July helped, but Football is back. And that is all that matters. With this, power rankings are back. The rankings will look for every Tuesday to see where our teams fall and how the past Sunday affected what ESPN and CBS analysts thought of our team. The rankings we read every word of to keep us from paying attention in class or to give a mental break from our 9-5. So, I decided I am going to make a ceiling and floor for every team this year. Let’s dive in.

Arizona Cardinals

Ceiling: 11-6 Floor: 6-11

The Cardinals are a scrappy team in the NFC West. They play in the hardest division of football so that does not help them at all. Also, I am not completely sold on Kingsbury and his offensive philosophy. Kyler Murray and the offense will most likely struggle at the beginning of the season with more defenses seeming to “figure them out”. On the other side, they added to a good d- line with JJ Watt and AJ Green to the receiving corps. And having a very hard schedule with just the division alone, I think the Cardinals will be closer to 6-11 than 11-6.

Atlanta Falcons

Ceiling: 11-6 Floor: 5-12

It is no secret the Falcons have fallen apart after that abysmal super bowl lost against the Patriots. They still have a ton of talent on offense though and do not struggle to put up points (even though a lot of them are in garbage time). The Falcons could return to old form with their new coach, as they showed some life last year after firing Dan Quinn. I like Arthur Smith and think he is a great offensive mind but that isn’t the problem with Atlanta. Their defense is horrible, and they have had problems closing out wins and close games. I think the Falcons will have a decent year under the new regime but will not be looking at a playoff spot.

Baltimore Ravens

Ceiling: 13-4 Floor: 9-8

The Ravens are a very solid team. Their only weakness is running back as of right now. Dobbins, who was predicted a breakout season by every single football analyst, tore his ACL in the preseason. This gave Gus Edwards the starting job, with the Ravens adding LeVeon Bell to the practice roster. I think Bell’s run style would work out well. He’s a methodical runner who waits for gaps to open and hits them. With the amazing O- Line the Ravens have, I could see Bell having a resurrection. The Ravens will do well regardless of this though since they do have former MVP, Lamar Jackson, and one of the best defenses in the league. The Ravens have the potential to be division champs with this roster.

Buffalo Bills

Ceiling: 14-3 Floor: 10-7

Bills are in a similar boat as the Ravens. They are going to have a solid year and have a great chance to win their division. Like the Ravens a big concern for them is the run game. But with Josh Allen entering the conversation of a top 5 (maybe top 3) QB, their offense should be fine. The Bill’s defense took a step back last year, but I think they will return to old form and should be the main challengers to dethrone the Chiefs in the AFC.

Carolina Panthers

Ceiling: 12-5 Floor: 6-11

The Panthers are going to be a really fun team to watch this season. Young QB with a lot to prove, young coaching staff, and some serious studs on the offensive side of the ball. CMC coming back will help the offense a lot and give Darnold a real running back for the first time in his career. Rhule and Brady will also help Darnold develop this year, and with the Panthers not selecting a QB in this past year’s draft leads me to believe Darnold is the man. The only problem they have is the defense is young and unorganized. If they can put some defensive performances together, the Panthers will be a wild card team, especially with their favorable schedule.

Chicago Bears

Ceiling: 10-7 Floor: 6-11

The Bears still seem to be stuck in football purgatory. With the Red Rider starting week one, while still having an elite defense. Matt Nagy seems to not be the offensive mastermind that he was made out to be. I think Justin Fields would do much better than Dalton for two reasons. He better suited with that offense and offensive line. Also, he’s just better than Dalton. Dalton is a great locker room guy and will help Fields develop. But the Bears look like they will be somewhere in the hunt regardless of who their QB is for the season.

Cincinnati Bengals

Ceiling: 9-8 Floor: 4-13

The Bengals have some great weapons on offense. Solid running back, great receiving group, and an excellent young QB. The only problem is the offensive line. It was horrible last year and did very little to improve itself. They also play in one of the hardest divisions in football, which will not help a young team trying to mesh. The Bengals are at least one year away from being a playoff contender.

Cleveland Browns

Ceiling: 13-4 Floor: 10-7

The Brownies… The stars seem to be aligned in Cleveland this year with almost every starter returning, while bolstering up the defense in the draft and with the signing of Clowney to go on the other side of Myles Garrett. Should be a great year for the browns and I do not see any weakness in the team (besides potentially the QB). Should be a scary rushing attack just like last year with solid receiving options and tight ends. Oh, did I mention former all pro OBJ coming back from injury?

Dallas Cowboys

Ceiling: 12-5 Floor: 6-11

The Cowboys will go as far as Dak can carry them. He’s a great QB with mediocre coaching. Dak is injury prone with a nagging shoulder problem right now. The O line looks great, and they have serious weapons on offense. The defense is suspect, but they used draft capital to enhance so we shall see how it goes, like every other team in the NFC East: they have a serious chance of winning the division.

Denver Broncos

Ceiling: 11-6 Floor: 5-12

I honestly have no idea what to think of the Broncos as you can see with such a huge swing in floor and ceiling. They could have one of the best defenses in the league with Fangio created the schemes for them. Also, Bridgewater is an upgrade at QB, and they have some good players on offense. They will have to play some good teams in their division, but they Broncos could either be a contender for a deep wild card spot or be in the market for Sam Howell in next year’s draft.

Detroit Lions

Ceiling: 7-10 Floor: 2-15

I like what Dan Campbell is building in Detroit. I have no idea what it is, or what it’s going to be, but I like it. The Lions are going to be one of the worst teams in the NFL this year. With that, I don’t see Dan Campbell throwing any games for Spencer Rattler. I think the Lions could sneak a few wins in, but this roster is really weak and is playing in a solid division.

Green Bay

Ceiling: 15-2 Floor: 8-9

SO much offseason drama this year with the Packers and their star player. The Packers are favored to win the division and will have a great chance to win the conference and play in the super bowl. I think Rodgers will have a monster year before leaving Green Bay. They have a great roster, and their defense is solid. I think this team has a legitimate chance of winning the super bowl. But Rodgers could just be done with Green Bay and be a diva (which he is) and not really care too much this season. There was a lot of turmoil in Wisconsin this summer, but the talent is there, and it seems to be the “last dance” for the Packers’ window.

Houston Texans

Ceiling: 4-13 Floor: 0-17

The Texans are the worst team in the NFL this year.

Indianapolis Colts

Ceiling: 12-5 Floor: 9-8

The Colts have a complete football team. Good O-line, good defense and good run game. They lack star power on offense with pass catchers. But if Wentz can return to old form, the Colts will be a very competitive football team this year. And if he doesn’t, the Colts will be a very competitive football team this fall.

Jacksonville Jaguars

Ceiling: 9-8 Floor: 3-14

The Jags will be an intriguing team this year. Urban Meyer’s first year in the NFL alongside Trevor Lawrence rookie year. The Jags should be able to score, and Lawrence can be a top 15 QB as soon as he steps on the field, but their roster has serious question marks on defense. The jags will be a fun team to keep an eye on at the end of the season and might enter that dark horse playoff realm for the 2021 season.

Kansas City Chiefs

Ceiling: 16-1 Floor: 12-5

The Chiefs are going to be the Chiefs. They improved their O line. They are the super bowl favorites for a reason. Patrick Mahomes will have a crazy season this year.

Las Vegas Raiders

Ceiling: 10-7 Floor: 6-11

The Raiders seem to also be stuck in football purgatory. They have a pretty good roster but question marks at QB and coaching. I don’t know if Gruden is the right guy for the job and the seat will get pretty hot this season if he doesn’t get the team above 500 this year.

Los Angeles Chargers

Ceiling: 13-4 Floor 6-11

Chargers are this year’s dark horse team. They have a great roster with really no weakness. If Herbert can make that 2nd year jump to an all-pro bowl caliber QB, watch out for the Chargers. Also, Brandon Staley will help the defense out tremendously, as he had in the past with the Rams, Broncos, and Bears. And I know every year we hear “the chargers might be due this year”, but this is going to be the first time they deliver.

Los Angeles Rams

Ceiling: 14-3 Floor: 9-8

The Rams will be one of the best teams in the NFL. I love the Stafford trade. McVay got his guy and seems to be thrilled about it. The defense is amazing, and the offense is going to be great if they can have some sort of run game (Latavius Murray????). But that seems to be the only question for the Rams. McVay is itching to get back to the super bowl and I think they have their best chance yet to get there since the McVay era began. The only problem is the 49ers are in their division….

Miami Dolphins

Ceiling: 11-6 Floor: 7-10

I am not a Tua believer and according to reports in Miami, neither are the Dolphins. Tua is most likely going to hold this team from their full potential. I love Flores and the defense the team has. They could compete with the Bills for the division, but I do not believe and the Tua Man. If he does make a leap this year, the Dolphins will be a serious threat in the AFC, but the likelihood of that seems low. Expect to see Deshaun in Miami sometime in the next year.

Minnesota Vikings

Ceiling: 12-5 Floor: 6-11

The Vikings are a solid roster. I like Zimmer as a coach, even though he seems to be a little outdated on the offensive side of the ball. Cousins is a fine QB that you can win with, and Dalvin Cook is an absolute monster. This team has all the recipes to be a playoff team, but I worry about the play calling on offense. Also, the Vikings play the NFC West, AFC North, and Packers twice this year. Even with that schedule, I expect the Vikings will be in the wild card or hunt by the end of the season.

New England Patriots

Ceiling: 12-5 Floor: 6-11

The Pats shocked the world when they released Cam Newton. They gave the keys of the offense to Mac Jones (deservingly). It will be interesting to see how the patriots do this year. They added a lot of pieces to the offense, which will be fun. Belichick dealing with a rookie QB for the first time in his career will also be intriguing. I think the Patriots are building towards their next dynasty and this year will be a test run.

New Orleans Saints

Ceiling: 12-5 Floor: 5-12

The Saints will begin this year without Drew Brees for the first time since 2005. Brees was criticized for holding back the offense’s potential last year with his lack of throwing power. Jameis Winston has no lack of throwing power. The defense will be strong per usual in NOLA. The Saints should be able to put up lots of points this year if they can restrain Jameis’ heating desire for throwing pick sixes. If they can’t contain the wild stallion, things could get ugly in New Orleans.

New York Giants

Ceiling: 11-6 Floor: 5-12

I actually like the Giants. I know I’m in the minority with that. They got better on offense this year, while keeping the defense together. I believe Joe Judge is a good coach and created a foundation/ culture last year. If Daniel Jones can make the jump this year (this year is the first one where he has weapons on offense) the Giants can take the division. But any of the teams in the NFC Beast have a chance to win.

New York Jets

Ceiling: 6-11 Floor: 3-13

The Jets are not a good football roster. But I still think they could get some wins. Their division isn’t exceptionally strong outside of the Bills. Their schedule is rather weak but so are they. I think Wilson could be a top 5 QB in the league for years to come. But he also has serious bust potential. I’m leaning towards him being great rather than bust though. He will struggle early this year, but I think Saleh will be a great coach and help the team build a culture for the coming years. Will be fun to watch the Jets this year (something that hasn’t been said in a long time).

Philadelphia Eagles

Ceiling: 10-7 Floor: 4-13

I do not trust the Eagles organization at all. It is like your toxic friend that keeps doing the craziest shiz, even though everyone tries to help. I do not understand why they would draft Hurts in the second round and then trade for Minshew to be his back up a year later. I do not think they know what they are doing either. With all that being said, the division has a real chance of not being worth a bucket of spit again this year. Hurts could be a dynamic play maker on offense. But I do not see much more than just noise coming from Philly this year.

Pittsburgh Steelers

Ceiling: 10-7 Floor: 6-11

The Steelers have a decent roster. Ben is in the middle of his demise. Tomlin and the defense will keep them competitive, but they missed their window.

San Francisco 49ers

Ceiling: 14-3 Floor: 7-10

Was their super bowl appearance a fluke? I don’t think so, but that question will be asked if Shanahan’s team doesn’t have a great year this year. They went out and got Trey Lance, so they are ready for the future. They did not have any serious needs and Shanahan has proven he is great at adjusting his lineup and strategy no matter what people throw at him. If the 49ers stay healthy this year, they are going to be great. The main concern is the Rams in the division.

Seattle Seahawks

Ceiling: 12-5 Floor: 6-11

The Seahawks are not a complete football team. Major questions on defense with the line and secondary. Russell Wilson is insanely good, and Pete Carroll is a great coach. They are in the hardest division in sports. If Wilson can play to MVP level and Carroll decides to let him cook, none of their concerns should really matter in the regular season.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Ceiling: 14-3 Floor: 11-5

The defending super bowl champs will be great and have a serious chance to repeat. Carry the hell on.

Tennessee Titans

Ceiling: 12-5 Floor: 7-10

The Titans got better this off season. They did lose Arthur Smith, but I think Todd Downing should do a good job, considering the fact he has Derrick Henry. Their division is rather weak, and they are likely to repeat as division champs. They do have holes on defense but nothing too serious that Vrabel can’t cover up.

Washington Football Team

Ceiling: 11-6 Floor: 6-11

The Football Team, defending champs of the NFC Beast. Washington improved in the slightest bit in the QB department with Fitzpatrick. They got Curtis Samuel to team up with college roommate, Terry McLaurin. The Football Team has a chance to run it back as division champs with Riverboat Ron, that stout defense, and improvements on offense. But they have question marks at QB.

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